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(Hidden radio transmitter hunting)

 Past Automated Foxbox radio tramitter hunt:
  Contact Richard AG1B for more info

Richards email:

Past Fox Hunting Event: Field Day 2016
The most recent Fox Hunt details from Richard AG1B at the Whitman Club Field Day June 25th & 26th 2016

I arrived at the Field day site at the East Bridgewater Y and set the 146.535 mhz Fox box just off a trail about 100 yards from the upper pavilion. This would provide an opportunity for those members who have wanted to try Fox Box hunting a low pressure location for  first timers. Over the weekend I saw the following members find the Fox Box transmitter;  ROY KB1CYVMIKE WA1MAD, JEFF N1SOM, and JIM W1GQN. Congratulations to these Fox finders. If anyone else  participated please contact  RICHARD  AG1B.
73,    Richard,   AG1B
The Fox Box hidden off a trail at Field day              Jeff N1SOM Fox Hunting

Please contact Richard AG1B at   if you would help support this part of the radio hobby.

New hunters or anyone wishing to pair up with someone, please contact either:

 Richard  AG1B  

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Note: Due to the current plague, Future radio direction finding events  will be announced.

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