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  By George Pedro, N1XXR
  The Mount Washington DX Expedition

        Area Hams recently went to Mt. Washington for a special event to test equipment and celebrate the home of the world's worst weather.  Unfortunately, the celebration included a fine sample of "worst weather".With permission from the White Mountain National Forest Park Service a team from the Whitman ARC and the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association of Bridgewater on June 13, 1998 operated on all H.F. Bands from the "Tip Top House at the summit of Mt. Washington.  The elevation is 6,288' and, as previously stated, is known for being the home of the World's worst weather with the highest recorded winds on earth of 231mph in April 1934.

    On June 13th at 6:30am Park Manager, Mike Pelchat reported to the team byphone that the wind was 45mph with fog and drizzle at the summit.  The crew decided to leave the dry, warm comfort of their guest accommodations on Lake Ossippee and proceed to the summit.  Upon arrival at the summit, 2 hrs later, they found the winds had increased to 67mph with very heavy rain.  In spite of this and with the help of Ranger Pelchat they set up several antennas under severe conditions.  Once the antennas were secure, the crew changed their wet gear and sought shelter in the "Tip Top House" a stone edifice built back in the1800s and truly one of the country's national treasures.

    Although radio band conditions were poor due to foul weather, many contacts were made throughout the country.  However, as the day progressed, conditions continued to deteriorate.  Finally the park service shut down the Cog Railroad  that travels to the summit daily as well as closing the auto road.

    With winds now nearly hurricane force (86mph) and heavy rain with hale moving horizontally with great force, a suggestion was made by George Pedro of East Bridgewater to terminate the DX expedition.  Everyone worked to breakdown the antennas, pack up, and carefully descend the summit via the auto road. Glad to be back on solid ground, all enjoyed the comfort of the Glen House at the base of Mt. Washington and another change of dry clothes before heading home.

    Those participating where Jeff Lehmann (N1ZZN) of Hanson; James D'Ambrosio (WB2QVA) of Raynham; Bruce Hayden (NI1X) of Raynham; Bruce Beaman (K1HTN) of East Bridgewater, Chris Tilden (N1WWI) of East Bridgewater, and George Pedro (N1XXR) of East Bridgewater

    Everyone believes that this trip to the summit of Mt. Washington has prepared all for almost any type of field conditions if the need for emergency communication arises, or maybe even a trip to Heard Island.

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