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2019 Events

WARC Field Day 2019 Pictures

WinterFest January 19th, 2019
The FirstBest HamFest of the year!
at the K/C Hall, Rt.18 Whitman MA  Event Flyer
Adobe PDF file

Whitman club members attending WinterFest 2019:

Joe K1JMA Jeff N1SOMLarry W1VPPaul KB1MTW Mark N1ISSJeff WK1D
Richard AG1B Kurt KC1EUJSteve KB1CHUJim NM1FRoss W1EKG Steve W1OD
Jeff N1ZZN Chris N1CFBBob KA1KIJHeather W1AZU Killian swlPaul W1GTX
John N1BSO Warren WA1YKFMatt W1AEMJim W1JTElayne KB1IKHJohn W1JDG
Robert KC1KISThomas KC1KIT

(club members attending the event but not listed above, please email us so we can add you to the roster:

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2018 Events

Holiday Dinner Party December 14th, 2018
at Jamie's Restaurant, Whitman MA

Attending members and guests:
Fred K1FAB
Jon Mark KC1BHK
John W1JDG
Jeff WK1D
Scott W1MBH
Steve KB1WNX
Mark N1ISS
Ross W1EKG and XYL Joyce
Joe K1JMA & YL Lori
John WI1G & XYL Kim
N1CFB Chris
Billy K1UFO
Jim W1JT and KB1IKH Elayne
John WD1L and XYL Donna
Jeff N1SOM
John KB1SVY and XYL Michelle
Heather W1AZU and OM Dave
Joe KC1FZI and XYL Cheryl
john N1BSO and XYL Pam
Paul W1GTX and XYL Sara
Matt W1AEM and XYL Kelley
Kurt KC1EUJ and XYL Diane

Robert KC1KIS
Jack N1QE
and XYL Cathy
Larry W1VP

Joe K1JMA addressed the dinner guests, wishing all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
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Plimoth Plantation November 23rd-25th, 2018
<click here for the special event page>

NEARFEST Oct 12th, 13th 2018
-coming soon-
ARRL Field Day June 23rd, 24th 2018
-coming soon-

NEARFEST May 4th, 5th 2018

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WinterFest 2018

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2017 Events

ARRL Field Day 2017

fd signMarkTownerRichardAG1BFoxHunt
Mark and JimDipolespaulKB1MTW

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From the March 11th and 12th: South Shore Model Railway Club & Museum event (
L-R: Mike WA1MAD, Bob KA1KIJ and Mike KB1OEP

March 5th: New England Antique Radio Club show (RADIO XLVIII) 8AM-1PM in Nashua NH for details
(L-R) Ross W1EKG, John WI1G, Matt W1AEM, Mike WA1MAD
Mark KC1ACF gave a very interesting presentation on the origins of radio including a live Spark-Gap demonstration at the recent February 21st MARA (Massasoit Amateur Radio Association) club meeting AND at our March 1st Whitman club meeting.
The slides Mark presented are available on the Tech-Talk web page in Adobe PDF format <click here>


WinterFest 2017
HamFest 2017
HamFest 2017 was a great success!
Many more pictures in the January 2017 Spectrum Newsletter
WinterFest 2017 flyer 
Adobe PDF file  Adobe PDF

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2016 Events

2016 Plimoth Plantation Special Event
Thanksgiving weekend

QSL to The Whitman Clubs PO Box: PO Box 48 Whitman MA USA 02382
For a printed certificate, please include SASE.

Station and Antenna setup took place on Friday Nov 25th
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped load equipment at the Quonset hut and
install antennas and stations at the Plantation!  
Station Operation took place on Saturday Nov 26th and Sunday Nov 27th, 9am-3pm (14:00z-20:00z) using callsign NI1X
VHF: 147.225+pl67 or EchoLink: WA1NPO-R, IRLP: Node 8691 
HF: 3.860Mhz, 7.260Mhz, 14.260Mhz, 18.160Mhz

The operator schedule for the stations including the setup and take down crews :<click here>
11-25-16 Setup Crew. Photo by Richard AG1B

49  QSO's on 40 Meters:
Mass, Maine, Indiana, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsilvania, North Carolina,
Ottawa Ontario, Toronto

37  QSO's on 20 Meters
Mass, Wisconsin*, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolin, Illinois, Tennesee, Minnisota, Michigan, Indiana,
Belfast Northern Ireland, Stuttgart Germany, Milan Italy, Swaziland South Africa
*including for the 35th year, annual contact with Jim WB9IXS from Wales Wisconsin.

51 Check-In's on the Whitman 2M repeater
Mass, California, Colorado, Milaysia and Plymouth England

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At the October 5th Whitman Club meeting, John KC1FWV gave a presentation and demo of SDR (software defined radio) using the popular and low cost RTLSDR USB receiver dongle and RF upconverter. John has made his slide presentation availble in PDF fomat:  SDR_Presentation Adobe PDF file Adobe PDF

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The Marshfield Fair
Fri Aug 19th- Sun 28th 2016

QSL to The Whitman Clubs PO Box:
PO Box 48
Whitman MA USA 02382

View the 2016 Kids PassPort flyer from Bill N1FRE <
Adobe PDF fileAdobe PDF>
Booth Schedule/Roster <click here>

The 2016 Setup Crew:
2016 ssetup crew
(L-R) Mark KC1ACF, Jim WG1L, John KB1ODS, Mike KC1FMT, Ross W1EKG, Fred K1FAB, Paul KB1MTW, Loren N1IQI, John WD1L, Richard AG1B

The completed 2016 booth:
2016 booth

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W1NAS & K1USN Special Event Saturday August 20th, 2016
at the Shea Naval Air Museum and Shea Grove Memorial in S. Weymouth. Details <
Adobe PDF fileAdobe PDF>
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WARC ARRL Field Day event Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th 2016

Results from our Field Day Operations:
Band Mode QSO's Points
3.5 LSB 20 20
7 CW 145 289
7 LSB 86 86
14 CW 112 222
14 USB 39 39
28 USB 1 1
 Total Both 403 657
Score: 1,314 
Thanks to Jeff N1ZZN, Garry AB1CQ and Jeff N1SOM respectively for the electronic logging this year, providing the total Q's, Points and Score at this months club meeting and submitting these results to the ARRL on behalf of the Whitman Club.
Comments from your Field Day coordinator

Hello to All,

I just wanted to share with you some comments on our 2016 field day operation. My question for the day is: How many people does it take to set up and run a Field Day weekend? I write this to offer thanks from an organizers point of view to all the people who make this happen. As I started collecting names, call signs and duties performed for this letter, I began to realize just how many folks contributed to such a great weekend. Here is the report of all the contributors of our fun weekend. If you are not listed, please contact Mark, KC1ACF for inclusion in this list.

Larry, K1LJK, You captured ALL of our happenings in what has to be our biggest newsletter ever! The field day coverage was amazing in that we had four photographers roaming about taking pictures throughout the weekend. I understand the time it takes to put all of those great pictures on one document. Great work, Larry, as always! Oh, and one more thing: Congratulations to you on getting your extra ticket!

Our antenna crew list is missing some people but I have Loren, N1IQI, Barry, N1EZH, Jeff, WK1D, (excellent job on the launcher, Jeff), Joe, K1JMA, Paul, KB1MTW, Mike, WA1MAD, Jim, NM1F, and Bruce, W1CVE.

The food may be arguably the most important component of the weekend. Our thanks to Karen, N1VI, Steve, W1OD and Bob, K1NOK for doing a great job keeping us all well fed!

Paul, KB1MTW was seen transporting equipment throughout the weekend and solving problems for everybody.

Jeff, N1ZZN, took on the task of getting us all on laptops. He was successful in collecting all contacts without paper for the first time ever at Field Day! There was one old guy that held off recording his contacts on a laptop. By Sunday afternoon I finally stepped up to the plate and switched over to electronic logging!

As Bruce, NI1X-SK used to say: If you do not have a picture, it did not happen. What great pictures of the entire event! The 2016 Field Day was captured by the able work of Jeff, N1SOM, Jeff, WK1D, Bob, K1NOK, (great captions, Bob) Barry, N1EZH, and Richard, AG1B. Bruce, NI1X-SK, would be proud of you!

Those folks who ran the VE sessions are to be congratulated as well. The VE Team was ably led by Steve, W1OD and helped by Karen, N1VI, Bob, K1NOK, Jeff, WK1D, Jim, WG1L and Ryan, KG1ZX. Nice work getting some more hams on the air!

I was very impressed with the large signs we had out in front of the YMCA this year. Thank you Karen, N1VI for your nice banner and thanks to All who helped with this important task.

My safety guy in charge was John, KC1DWY. He did a great job watching out for foot and car traffic near guy wires and cables. He also helped guide cars and campers to their parking area. Thanks John!

Gary, AB1CQ, managed to collect all of our data for the weekend. I believe he indicated we made around 400 contacts! Thanks Gary!

So, my final point for all of this is: How many hams does it take to set up and run a Field Day operation like ours? Well, we had twenty-five plus people set up and run various parts of our Field Day. There were thirty-eight jobs completed by these folks altogether, (some working on the same project, food, antennas, photos Etc.). What a great team we are for getting our Field Day prepared, set up and operating! It was a substantial effort from a lot of people to complete our very successful 2016 Field Day operation!

   73, Mark KC1ACF

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2015 Events
2015 Plimoth Plantation Special Event operations took place over Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday and Sunday November 28th & 29th, 9am-3pm EST (14:00-20:00 UTC),  on or about: 7.260Mhz, 14.260Mhz, 18.160Mhz and club repeater: 147.225+pl67 using the NI1X call
 (Antenna party Friday morning 10am at the Plantation)
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2015 Marshfield Fair Special Event NN1MF
August 21st-30th,  12:00 Noon - 9:00 PM
Join us at the Whitman Amateur Radio Clubs booth at this years Marshfield Fair, 140 Main St. Marshfield Ma. We'll have HF and VHF stations operating 12:00 Noon-9:00 pm every day.

We need volunteers to help out at the booth all week long and also for setup and take down a day before and a day after the event! Click here to view the current booth schedule. To sign up for booth time email Bill N1FRE (, our club email: or leave a msg on our clubs voice mail system: 781-523-5010. If you get on the booth schedule, we'll have a free pass w/free parking inside the fairgrounds for you (while they last).

This year the Whitman Amateur Radio Club is participating in the Marshfield Fairs Kids' Passport program. We have 2 flyers designed by Bill N1FRE to handout at the booth:
Kids Passport flyer  and  Kids Passport folded flyer

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2015 Special Event: Barry N1EZH  is participating in this years 225th Anniversary of our US Coast Guard, Sunday August 2nd from 1400 - 1600Z (0900 - 1100 EST).
Find the event on:
(SSB Phone)  3827 KHz – LSB (80 M),  7227 KHz – LSB (40 M), 14327 KHz - USB (20 M),  21327 KHz - USB (15 M)
(CW) 3552 KHz (80 M),  7052 KHz (40 M), 14052 KHz (20 M), 21052 KHz (15 M)
Click here to see the event flyer (pdf)
Note: Barry N1EZH will monitor the 147.180 PL 67.0, W1MV, MARA Repeater during this time for Club Members wishing to set up an HF Freq. for contacts
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2014 and previous events
Fox Hunting Pictures 2012 List of Activities

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